(Selam) Hello!!!

A great welcome from Lasta Tour and Travel for a group and individual trekkers around Lalibela. Lasta Tour and Travel is a private tour company based on the heart of Ethiopian tourist destination place, Lalibela serving endless tourisng in different parts of Ethiopia beyond of Lalibela.

Lasta Tour and Travel has about 5 well trained (university and college level) and experienced guides. This tour company started from the last 6 years, so all the staff guides are qualified, have good knowledge of the area, fauna and flora, good communication skills with clients and local people.

Lasta Tour and Travel is the most community based eco trekking and it create a lot of job opportunities as for guide, cooker, porter and scouts. So, we have a good interaction with the locals as well as the countryside people. Besides what we earn 50% of the income directly
goes to the community, because this trekking company from the very beginning aimed to help the local people. Also volunteer clients are highly appreciated to coach or train peoples in the area by their fields or interest, like teachers at school and Doctors or Nurses at clink or health center.  Hence, it is community-based trekking; trekkers have a chance to practice some local activates with the local people by using traditional materials which are used by the local people for their daily life. For example, cooking, farming…

Lasta Tour and Travel is the most concerned trekking for the ecology and ecosystem of the area. We keep the neatness of the environment and clients will inform to have awareness about the floras and fauna of the area.

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